Antimicrobial cladding (Saniclad Hygienic+) is now a high demand building material. Saniclad is proud to supply our own specialist and trademarked Antimicrobial cladding and Hygienic+ range. Our Antimicrobial cladding isn’t just a fancy name; it contains anti-bacterial ingredients (silver -ions) which actively kill all bacteria that come in contact with the surface. This is not meant to negate the need to clean the Hygienic Antimicrobial Cladding surfaces but offers additional protection for areas where increased hygiene is crucial.

Our Antimicrobial can be fitted to almost any structural surface. Hygienic Cladding typically is purchased in Brilliant white but Saniclad are pleased to offer Antimicrobial Cladding in a range of colours to suit your workspace or home.

We have supplied and fitted Antimicrobial cladding in a large number of restaurants, clinics, and sanitary areas. Saniclad are leading the industry forward with this unique designed antimicrobial cladding. You will not find this same product of the same quality cheaper anywhere else in the U.K.

Next day National supply and fit service available. We are happy to provide FREE samples on request. Contact us today.