Adhesive & Sealants

Saniclad Adhesive & Sealants

  • 310ml Food grade colour match silicones to complement our SaniLife hygienic wall cladding and SaniShield wall protection systems - full pastel and gloss colour range available.
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    SaniBond 600ml MS polymer

    £8.99 + VAT
    Our most cost-effective method and an excellent MS Polymer based wall cladding glue that bonds to all substrates. Containing the same adhesive as our Sanibond cartridges, these are to be used with a 600ml applicator gun, and is popular for smaller installations or those who do not wish to mix two part adhesive. Recommended usage: 2 x 600ml per cladding sheet
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    Premium food grade white silicone suitable for all environments where hygiene is paramount. Unlike many others, SaniSeal stays white and is suitable for use in areas that come in to contact with food.  Used by our installation teams in conjunction with our hygienic wall cladding and ceiling systems, this is frequently used in restaurants, schools, nursing homes and commercial bathrooms throughout the UK.
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    300-600ml Applicator Gun

    £24.99 + VAT
    A durable and adjustable applicator gun designed for use with Saniclad MS 600ml foil adhesive and also compatible with 300ml Sanibond cartridges. Used by our installation teams, these are robust and make applying adhesive to hygienic wall cladding sheets quick and easy.
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    A premium, high-strength and versatile MS Polymer based adhesive which can be used to bond almost any material to a substrate.  Sanibond is perfect for use in conjunction with our Hygienic Wall Cladding Sheets and is ideal for smaller projects where applicator gun method is preferred. Recommended usage: 3 x 300ml per 2440mm cladding sheet & 4 x 300ml per 3050mm cladding sheet. x12 300ml = 1box Requiring many cartridges? Why not opt for our Sanibond foil tubes - same contents, double the size at 600ml.  Just use with an adjustable applicator gun and save ££!
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    Our strongest and quickest curing cladding adhesive, Sanibond Two Part PU is mixed together on site with a paddle to produce a smooth, spreadable adhesive which is then used immediately and cures within 30 minutes. As used by our professional installation teams, this adhesive is applied using a 4mm notched trowel and is designed to give 100% coverage to the rear of each sheet ensuring the maximum effectiveness whilst adhering to almost any substrate including tiles, plyboard, plasterboard and blockwork. Recommended application: 1 x 6.5kg per sheet 


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